Cleaning Windows: A Seasonal Cleaning Task in Greater Toronto Area

Employers and visitors deserve a cozy atmosphere in the office. If the windows are left uncleaned, guests would have judged that certain company as incompetent and unsanitary. It is for this reason why it’s important to have constant support in the maintenance section most especially due to the ever-changing weather.

In the office setup, employees aren’t expected to work as janitors. And with high-story buildings, cleaning windows from the outside is a herculean task. For this, you need a professional window cleaning service in Toronto. As such, PurusPro can fill your cleaning needs.

Planning a Cleaning Schedule

Having a proper schedule for general cleaning helps you organize your cleaning and working tasks. It is a good practice for keeping the windows clean despite the hectic schedule. Doing this should guarantee the cleanliness of your windows for most months of the year. For instance, whenever you wipe your windows after spring, their clean appearance may last for a few months.

As part of the maintenance, you are required you to clean shortly after the accumulation of excess pollen in the middle of the spring. However, a Toronto seasonal cleaning company such as PurusPro can always lend you a helping hand whenever you are too busy to do the cleaning duties or don’t have the skills, knowledge, or equipment to do the task efficiently.

The Essentials

Knowing the right equipment and substances to use is important for an easier and more efficient cleaning. White vinegar and baking soda are two of the most effective cleaning products. These substances have various uses. Also, they are accessible because they are most likely stored in the cupboard. If not, they can be bought at a cheap price. Both white vinegar and baking soda have the capability to disinfect and polish windows.

Aside from these common household chemicals, you will also need the usual cleaning tools such as a spray cleaner, multipurpose cloth, vacuum cleaner, bucket, a pair of rubber gloves, and of course, a mop. Nonetheless, some of these essentials might not be present in your stockroom, so why not hire a professional cleaning company to provide the tools needed for high-quality cleaning instead?

The Perfect Time for Cleaning Your Windows

The best time in cleaning windows depends on the changing of seasons. You should do your window cleaning on a seasonal basis since weather conditions shift every few months. The ideal frequency of cleaning can be done every three months. It is an unspoken rule to clean the window whenever it is visibly dirty. However, doing the cleaning yourself might prove inefficient, not to mention it uses your time and effort which should be better spent on your other more important tasks. For a janitorial company, seasons aren’t a barrier to providing professional cleaning service in Toronto.

Effects of Rain

It may be unbelievable for everyone to think, but rain does not make your windows dirty. Due to rain being relatively clean and free from any forms of minerals, it can’t leave dried spots. It is a common misconception for people to think that rain causes windows to be dirty. They thought of it to be the cause since windows were already dirty the first time around. To think about it logically, when windows do get wet, dust sticks on the window.

The utmost result, at times, is a bunch of mud on your windows. It is not the water that directly causes the dirty look; instead, those are particles carried by the wind. When hiring a company for cleaning windows, it is important for the service provider to include cleaning the window frame and screens. Also, the external glass must be cleaned with clear water. This liquid will not leave traces of residues behind. As a consequence, despite having rain to come into contact with the windows, you will be left with the same clean windows you had before the rain.

Here at PurosPro, we offer quality service to assist you with your cleaning needs. With our staff that consists of professional janitors, along with the use of innovative cleaning solutions and the latest cleaning technology, we can assure you of a safe and clean environment, especially when it comes to your windows. At PurusPro, we can get the job done for you.

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