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Commercial Hard Floor Cleaning Services in Toronto & GTA

Hard Floor Care

Every commercial building contains hard floor surfaces which varies in size, quality, and type, hence all having unique cleaning needs. That’s why it is important to work with a commercial cleaning service experienced in hard floor care.


PurusPro understands that cleaning requirements differ for various kinds of hard floors ranging from concrete to vinyl. Regardless of the kind of floor you have we provide the highest quality care for all of them. Here are just a few of the floor surfaces we care for:

  • Resilient VCT tile
  • Ceramic tile
  • Stone floors*
  • Concrete
  • Rubber
  • Vinyl

* (all types including granite, marble, travertine, slate)


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Hard Floor Care Maintenance Programs

To best prepare your facility’s floor for long-lasting care, PurusPro professionals prepare your hard floor care maintenance schedule one year in advance. We keep floor traffic, your budget and your business’s individual needs in mind when scheduling the services.

Your floor cleaning agenda is carefully designed, such that high traffic areas will receive extra maintenance and care compared to low traffic areas. Needless to say, we plan our services within your stipulated budget when creating the yearly schedule. We also advise you on commercial and office cleaning maintenance techniques for the best, long-lasting outcome for your hard floors.

Public Perception Commercial Buildings

The first impression of the building is significantly impacted by a condition and appearance of its hard floor. Shiny and well-maintained floor highlights the design and the atmosphere of the environment when at the same time dull and scratched floor negates any positive impression. That is why businesses and retail stores throughout Toronto, Richmond Hill, Mississauga, Vaughan, North York and Scarborough, rely on PurusPro’s professional floor cleaning services for thorough maintenance and care of their hard floors.

Let us make sure that your floor’s glossy shine is the only thing your visitors notice about it! Talk to a PurusPro representative today for an expert advice regarding hard floor care and other office cleaning, janitorial and commercial cleaning services.

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