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High-Quality Window Cleaning and Commercial Office Cleaning Services

Even before your guests and customers enter your office premises, the first thing they will notice about your business are the windows. It’s important that you project a tidy, professional image through well-kept windows, leaving a lasting first impression.

Custom Window Cleaning Solutions

We’ll offer you a complete package based on an assessment of your specific window cleaning requirements, making sure that we offer the best services to meet your needs within your budget.


All commercial facilities are designed in unique ways, with various differences in their windows. Some will have long, rectangular windows, while others may have round windows or a full-length window display.


No matter the number, size and shape of the windows in your commercial facility, PurusPro’s dedicated commercial cleaning staff will create a window cleaning schedule to suit your requirements.


Our expert window cleaners have been serving businesses in Toronto and the GTA, particularly those in Richmond Hill, Scarborough, North York, Vaughan and Mississauga, for over a decade.

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Business Visibility

Businesses, especially retail stores which have a large window display, need to make sure that their products stand out in the best possible way. A clean and organized window display helps boost customer traffic into your facility and drives up sales in the long run.

With the help of PurusPro’s professional window cleaning services, you can rest assured that the best commercial grade cleaners will be used, helping keep your windows free from any smudges or stains. Thus, you can be sure that your customers will notice your stellar products through the window and will want to step inside your tidy storefront. Our regular window cleaning and maintenance will surely keep your sales up not just seasonally but all year round.

Safety Training

Cleaning windows requires specialized training. At PurusPro, we are proud of our staff who have been especially trained in cleaning glass gently yet thoroughly. We use the latest equipment and technology for a smooth and clean finish, both inside and outside, sure to leave you thoroughly satisfied. This way, we can work efficiently and safely, while respecting the needs of our clients and window cleaning technicians.

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